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Our name means, “a set of beliefs”. We believe our team and our clients deserve the best.



The unique qualities that make Creed special. Our je'ne'se'qui, differentiator, secret sauce.


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Coworkers surrounding a computer
We are unmistakably All In
Group chatting and drinking coffee
Powered by coffee (and sometimes chocolate)

/1 Who

We’re a team of grown-ups who get things done

No egos. Like, not ever! 😎

We’re adults. We come to work. To make things. We listen, learn and work together. And we really believe that teamwork makes the dream work! 🌈

Best and brightest

While we always seek out the best talent in our industry, a good cultural fit is always an absolute must. We put a lot of time and effort into intentional hiring. This leads to a happy team and amazing work!

Meet our full team

Not your average agency

We’re pretty cool. Well, maybe dad-joke cool 😜

We are a team that is All In on all things – work and culture. This means that we’re just as passionate about who we are, as we are about who we are NOT!

We aren't

Ego Driven

Ego Driven

🤩  selfish, Always right

We aren't

Party people

Party people

🍺  “Work hard/Play hard”

We aren't

Work-a- holics


 balance makes us better

We are


🤝  friendly, real

We are


💡 creative, innovative

We are


⚔️  passionate, knowledgable

We are


👀  Innovative, we love puzzles

We Are

A Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Best Place to Work 🏆

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Lounging at the office
Team celebrating an anniversary
Guy making a funny pose on a couch
Developer working hard at the office

/2 why

The values that drive us

Not just coffee and donuts. 🍩

#Commit to change

Never rest

We stand on the side of equality and justice and are serious about holding ourselves accountable

It’s true that we’re proud of our team and what we’ve built. But we know much of our success comes from the status quo, and we are committed to seeking out opportunities to break down the invisible walls around us. Social justice and equality is important to us and we are focused on creating diversity, equity and inclusion in our office, as well as impact in our industry. There’s work to be done, and we’re rolling up our sleeves to dig in with the same All In spirit that we apply to our clients and projects.  ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

/3 where

Proud to call Lowertown, St Paul our home

Well, at least when we’re actually in the office 🧱

Built on the backs of developers, we learned early that carving out time to dig in and get the work done was crucial. That’s why we have a unique schedule of 2 days in-office (T, Th) and 3 days remote (M, W, F). This helps to streamline meetings and simplify schedules, while using Slack and other tools as the glue that keep us together when we’re apart. 

Excellence Room
Front Lounge
All in Room
Scrum Table

WFH tour

While we adore our beautiful office, working from home allows us serious heads-down work time.

We’d also consider Slack our digital office, where we build and support our tight knit culture. Here are a few premium Creed emojis, both custom-made and frequently used:

/4 what

Partners, not projects

We build long-term relationships with our clients 🤝

We believe that to do our best work, we need to really understand our clients, their users and the intersection between organizational goals and the best customer experience. This only comes from tight collaboration, and as a small team, that means that everyone at Creed helps to build that relationship. When we say we’re All In, we mean it. This fosters and creates long-lasting partnerships that thrive.

2 coworkers looking at a laptop
Group discussion in a meetingProject manager checking in on a coworkerDevelopers chattingChatting with coworkers on a couch
Creed Interactive team photo

We’re All In. Always.

Not just some empty slogan. This is a core quality we recruit for. ⚓️

Our project teams are intentionally lean. This gives our clients clear points of contact and clear accountability for our team members. This only works when we have a team that collaborates tightly – both internally, as well as with our clients – and everyone is committed to delivering their best work on every project. That’s what All In means to us.